ARLA Conference October 20th 2015

October 22, 2015 / Industry News

As a member of ARLA, on Tuesday myself and Lucy had the privilege of attending the ARLA conference at the Spa hotel in Tunbridge Wells. The day was jam packed with interesting speakers and agents from all over Kent and East Sussex and further afield than that in some cases. The venue itself was a stunning backdrop for the day, both Lucy and I are very tempted to convince our husbands that we need to return to the hotel on pleasure rather than business.

I felt it was very important that we attend the conference in light of all the recent changes in legislation and it did not disappoint, Robert Bowell gave a very comprehensive presentation detailing all the changes including the new legislation surrounding the section 21 and the new rules regarding smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.

Also included in the day were interesting talks regarding money laundering and the need for agents to continue to be constantly vigilant. there was also a very interesting presentation regarding condensation (I know it doesn’t sound that interesting- but we have had cases of properties suffering from it and now we have a whole handful of excellent tips of how to deal with it), Richard Walker, the speaker summed up that the main cause of condensation is lack of ventilation and while the mould on the walls can look unpleasant it does not suggest the more serious defects of rising or penetrating damp.

Its always good fun to have an excuse to socialise with other estate agents, especially when from such a wide geographic area to see how the market varies from one place to another and to exchange stories, trials and tribulations. As there was no one else there from our neck of the woods there was no sense of competition so it was just good honest conversation.  The food put on by the hotel was excellent which made the day very enjoyable and educational experience.