Block Management Services

The services that we provide as a managing agent are as follows:

Service Charges

• Collecting service charge and reserve fund contributions as per the schedule agreed between the client and the lessees
• Handling client money accounts via our client money software
• Sending payment demands and providing statements as necessary
• Chasing arrears as necessary
• Providing information to the accountant for the annual service charge accounts
• Processing payments for all maintenance


Maintenance and planned works

• Arranging and managing maintenance contracts for the property on behalf of the clients including but not limited to regular cleaning, gardening
• Visiting and inspecting the communal areas
• Arranging and managing minor works on behalf of the client when below a set amount and processing payment on behalf of the client
Obtaining 3 quotes for all major works and serving section 20 notices to the leaseholders and arrange collection of any additional funds needed.
Health and Safety
• Organising health and safety checks periodically, ensure risk assessments are carried out.
• Keep Fire Risk assessments up to date
• Manage fire safety inspection and arranging testing and maintenance of communal smoke alarms


• Liaising with the Client
• Liaising with all lessees and dealing with issues arising from these communications
• Liaising with residents’ associations where applicable
• Providing The Client and Lessees with information relating to management and legislation where applicable

All of the above is included in our Management package, fees of which are as follows (all fees are inclusive of VAT)

• Blocks with 10 flats of fewer; £50 Per Block per month (£600 per annum)
• Blocks with 10-20 Flats; £75 per month (£920 per annum)
• Blocks with 20-30 Flats; £100 per block per month (£1,120 per annum)
• Blocks with 30+ Flats; £150 per block per month (£1,800 per annum)

We also offer the following additional services on an ad-hoc basis. Additional charges apply

• HMO license application. This is only applicable for blocks were more than a third of the properties are not owner occupied, i.e. occupied by tenants.
• Liaising with local authorities with regards to amendment of improvement orders to the communal areas
• Annual meetings with all residents if required
• Legal recovery of unpaid service charges, liaising with solicitors and attending court hearings as necessary.