Finding the perfect property overlooking the sea.

November 11, 2015 / Company News, property finder

We offer a property finder service. Basically this involves our client giving us a brief outlining his requirements and wants from a property and then we go away and find the perfect property, we carry out viewings and then handle all negotiations. At the moment we are looking for an investment property for a client, our client has specified that he wants a seafront flat with sea views and preferably a balcony/terrace in the Hastings or St. Leonards area. He gave no stipulations regarding number of bedrooms so it was quite a wide brief. However finding the right property has actually been more difficult than it sounds. Not that many properties with direct sea views come onto the market and even less with a balcony so it has been a challenge. To date we have been to see 2 properties.

The first one I went to see (the full details can be found here) was actually a house, right on the sea front down the far end of St. Leonards. It looked beautiful in the pictures and looked really quirky and with 4 bedrooms it was very reasonably priced. on approach the first thought was that from the outside it looked clear that it had a been a shop at some point as it had the big shop windows, firstly this was not in keeping with the other houses in the row, but having no front garden at all, it meant that all passers by had a very clear view into the main dining room. it then turned out that the house is listed so it would be a planning nightmare to revert it back to the original.

Still with open mind though we walked into the property and it was beautiful. All the rooms had been decorated to a high standard, the kitchen while not the largest was done beautifully, the other living room on the first floor was the real show-stopper, with high ceilings, sash windows and access to a balcony with panoramic views over the sea. All the bedrooms were a good size and the family bathroom was amazing with an old fashioned roll top bath as the centrepiece. However the lay out was a bit higgledy-piggledy, with two bedrooms in the basement and  the other two bedrooms on the second floor, so not really ideal for a family with young children. there were signs that damp might be a potential problem. It was almost too quirky, the tight stairs, the office only accessible via a ladder meant you had to be pretty young and fit to live their. It did have so much charm, it was difficult not to fall in love with the house, but t was important that we kept a cool head and remain professional! Overall I did love the property built I felt that renting it out would be quite tricky as due to the layout and the access issues the target market was somewhat limited. it will certainly make a fantastic home for somebody though.

Secondly we went to see a flat, also in St. Leonards (full details can be seen here). it was enormous, 3 big double bedrooms all en-suite, a kitchen and living room. all rooms had a sea view except the kitchen, which I though was a shame, nothing could improve washing up like a sea view. The flat had been freshly renovated and to a high standard buy it was already possible to see areas of damp and the overall state of the building was not teh best and given how low the yearly management fee was it seemed unlikely to improve any time soon. Overall I did like the flat but something in my gut just told me it was not a goer, it also had one major flaw; no balcony, had it had a balcony looking out to sea I think I would have been swayed, however I am sure that the price tag would have also reflected it.

Tomorrow I am going to see another flat, also in St. Leonards (full details can be seen here), it has one bedroom and a beautiful balcony. I am quite excited about it and feel it could be a serious contender for my client………