We Know You Know the Value of Your Property

March 4, 2019 / Local News

Advances in technology mean that almost any information is available to us at the click of a button on an internet search engine. Internet portals allow everyone to see all properties currently on the market and their asking price in one place from the comfort of their own home. They show the last time they were sold, the agreed sale price and how much other properties in that postcode recently sold for. There are websites that will also give you an on the spot valuation of your home from just the address (although important to note that these valuations are based on previous sale prices and changes in house prices and do not reflect any home improvements or dilapidations).

Effectively the consumer now has the same tools as an estate agent does when it comes to providing a valuation. The method most used by estate agents when it comes to valuing property is the comparable method which looks at and compares all the data I have outlined above, resulting in a market value.

At Polecat Properties we therefore understand that a home owner is likely to have a value on their property in their mind already before they even decide to sell. We understand that their property is likely to be their biggest investment and asset and therefore like any investment they have kept a close eye on its performance and whether it was a lucrative investment or not.

At Polecat we like to move with the times and realise that offering a free valuation is somewhat redundant and even insulting now when we know that people can do it for themselves. However, we are always happy to come and confirm any valuation that you may have in your mind or discuss it with you. In our minds our work really starts once the valuation has been finalised and it comes to the business of selling your property.

Our first meeting with any potential vendor will start with a brief discussion about a starting asking price based on the information mutually available to both of us. We like to take the majority of our first meeting discussing vendors’ expectations, marketing requirements and options. We will utilise the time discussing the best ways to market the property, photographs, floorplans and an excellent write up and getting to know the property inside out rather than wasting time reciting figures that the vendor has probably already looked up anyway.