Landlords Switching Service

A guide to our Landlords Switching Service

How you can change managing agent to Polecat Properties

Polecat Properties offer a simple and straightforward service enabling you to leave your current managing agent and move to our management services at any time during a tenancy.

Frequently asked questions

  1. I have an agreement with my letting agent, can I end the agreement?-

It will often be the case that you will be tied in to an initial fixed term period with your letting agent. This is to avoid landlords leaving a company immediately after an agent has invested considerable time and effort in finding, referencing and moving in a new tenant.

The initial term can vary from agent to agent, but it is usually 6 to 12 months. The best place to start is to check the Terms of Business that you have signed, this document will outline the fixed term period and also the notice that you must give to terminate your contract.

If you are out of your initial fixed term, or are approaching the end of the contract, you can most likely end the contract by giving 1 or 2 months’ written notice. This does not have to coincide with the end of your current tenancy.

  1. My Property has good tenants and I don’t want to lose them, so will I have to wait until the end of their tenancy?-

Many landlords believe that they have to wait until the end of a tenancy to switch letting agent, however, this is not the case.  The Tenancy Agreement is a contract between the landlord and the tenant, with the agent working on behalf of the landlord, so changing agent does not affect the legal rights or obligations of either party.

It is actually a much more straightforward process to change agent during an ongoing tenancy as it means that the new agent can smoothly transition the property without the added task of advertising and finding a tenant.

If a letting agent has not been delivering on service, it is likely that the tenant will be pleased that the management is changing, meaning that they may be more likely to stay in the property for longer than they would have with the previous agent.

  1. What do I have to do? I haven’t got the time to switch agent?-

Changing letting agent – whether at the end of or during a tenancy – really is a straightforward process for landlords. Once a landlord has given the current agent written notice that they no longer require their services Polecat Properties lettings team will handle all aspects of the switch on behalf of the Landlord.

  1. What information will you need from me?

We will invite you into our office to discuss your requirements and the benefits of our service. Once you decide to go ahead and our business terms and fees are agreed we will require your photo ID, contact information.

We use an accounts platform called PayProp. The system sends tenants rent reminders and automatically sends the rent to landlords once received. Meaning you always receive your rent on the correct day.

You will be asked to confirm the address details for any properties we will be managing.

We have built up a network of property maintenance contractors from plumbers to carpet fitters. Unless you have provided us with your own list of contractors we would appoint and obtain quotes from our approved list.

Please see our Lettings Service Guide for full details of our full property management service.


Once you instruct us these are our simple steps to switching to our service:

  • We will speak to the current managing agent and arrange a date that we will commence management. At the time of take-over we will:
  • Obtain tenancy documents

Including the Tenancy Agreement, prescribed information, referencing reports, deposit details, and check-in inventory.

  • Obtain property documents

Including safety certificates and warranties. We will check that your property is fully compliant with current safety legislation.

  • We will add all your properties to our property management system.

We use a property management system called Jupix. This allows us to manage your property on a day to day basis. All maintenance issues are logged, safety certificate renewals are flagged, all contact with the landlord and client is recorded and more.

  • Collect keys

We will collect all sets of keys held by the previous agent on behalf of the landlord.

  • Contact the tenant

We liaise with the tenant directly regarding the changeover, letting them know who we are and when we will be taking over the property.  We ensure that the tenant knows who to contact in the event of any maintenance issues, and has the new bank details to make rent payments.

  • Arrange a property inspection

Our initial inspections are scheduled in the first 6 weeks from taking on the property. Inspections are then 6 monthly, unless we identify an issue that requires more regular inspection.

  • We will carry out a rent review

Our lettings valuer will see what rent the property is currently achieving and will discuss with you the best options and what increments of rent can be made.

For a guide to our full management services please visit our Landlords, Levels of Service page.