Open Day this Saturday. 4 Bedroom house for sale in Bexhill

October 14, 2016 / Company News, Local News

Polecat properties are excited to be hosting an open day this Saturday in Bexhill.  The property is one currently on the market to sell in Bexhill. The details of which can be found . Open days are becoming more and more common in the UK. They are already very popular in the United Statres. Holding an open house session can have many benefits for both sellers and buyers.

The key benefits for sellers are as follows

  • Convenience- for sellers it can be time consuming to keep having to get their house ready for viewings and to arrange their schedules around property viewings. Assuming the seller is using a good estate agent, like Polecat properties and they have arranged lots of viewings for them.
  • A seller could increase their chance of a quick sale. Everyone at the open day will be aware of how many other people are interested. This could prompt them to put in an offer. On a normal viewing they may have hesitated longer.
  • lots of interested people could result in a bidding war. This will result in the vendor achieving a higher selling price.
  • The informality will encourage buyers who only have a slight interest to have a look. They can turn  up when they want on that day and not feel tied down by an agent. However once they are in  the door they may decide they like the property more than on paper. Therefore likely to get more applicants viewing the property.

The Key benefits for buyers are as follows:

  • By listening to other viewers opinions and questions, a buyer may get a different insight or may be prompted to ask questions that they would have forgotten to ask under normal viewing conditions.
  • An Open day gives buyers a true reflection of the level of interest in a property
  • At an open house buyers are not as constrained by the agent they feel that they are more free to look round on their own and do their own thing
  • if on walking through the door the buyer make the immediate decision that the property is not for them they can leave straight away rather than feeling obligated to walk around the property with the agent.