Quality of service over Quantity……

March 19, 2019 / Company News

Whilst we are always coming up with original and new ideas for generating business and leads, we also pride ourslevs on our levels of customer service. We like to give all our properties the same level of attention and service regardless of their size or value. Everyone in the office knows everything about every property, this ensures a top level of service to clients, applicants and vendors regardless of who is in the office.

Our size of agency allows us to retain our key company ethos. There is a tendency for properties to get ‘lost’ at bigger agents. The biggest agency in Bexhill currently has 218 active properties for sale with only 10 members of staff managing sales. Although we agree that this demonstrates consumer confidence, we do not see how they can be delivering a consistent level of service on every active property. Naturally high value properties and new instructions will be receiving maximum attention, but what about those properties that are taking a little longer to sell and have lower market values. We very much doubt that every vendor for all 218 properties is receiving updates on a regular basis. When an agency has that many active properties they are not under the same pressure to achieve a sale on one individual property. There is not the same need to think up alternative marketing strategies or assess other selling options to maximise the chance of a successful sale as there are so many other property opportunities for generating income.


At polecat we keep our stock levels low so that any client knows that their property is their priority, effectively knowing that if we don’t sell their property then we make no money that month. We also aim to keep our stock levels diverse. Therefore a vendor of a 3 bed house knows that if a buyer comes in looking for a 3 bed property, it is theirs that we are pushing on the vendor not 10 others belonging to other people. This remains the case regardless of the property or the length of time it has been on the market.

This approach is especially beneficial in the current market when properties will not just sell themselves, we are able to liaise with clients and discuss other options without automatically resorting to price reductions. We have said to clients’ whose properties are not attracting as much interest as we would like that of course a price reduction is an option, but we cannot guarantee that it will generate a sale. Lack of interest in the current market is more reflective on the political uncertainty than the valuation and once a reduction has occurred, the price cant go back up should the market improve. We understand that property is most peoples biggest asset and top price needs to be achieved.

It is all too easy to just go through sitting stock and reduce everything with the hope of prompting a sale. An agent with an abundance of stock who is not invested in property on an individual basis will have no qualms about doing exactly that. However we have time to assess each property, revisit property details, redo photographs and explore all other marketing and selling options; Would an open day be a better approach? Could the property benefit from being photographed differently? Would it be beneficial to push the property in other locations via targeted social media marketing?

We will also look at discussing all other options with the vendor if a sale is proving elusive; Would letting be better? Could the vendor be eligible for a Let to buy mortgage? Would equity release be a better option? Would a re-mortgage enable changes to the property so that it meets the vendor’s property criteria once again? We have the time and the knowledge to explore all these options for our clients.

This client focused approach extends through to sales progression, Lucy whom heads up our sales department has time to progress every property every week after an offer has been accepted. This ensures a smoother process. If there are problems down the chain or with the solicitors, Lucy will know about it straight away and can be on hand to assist.

We love being busy and working to our maximum potential and for us that means focusing on the customer and giving an excellent service to as many clients as our working capacity facilitates rather than giving a sub-standard service to a greater number of people.