Summer is the perfect time to sell

June 6, 2019 / Local News

Summer is notoriously a quiet period for estate agents, with the belief that not much happens over the summer months as so many people are away on holiday. However personally, I think Summer is a great time to try and sell a house, especially when it is near the seaside.

Everything looks better when the sun is shining, rooms feel lighter and airier. Natural light is so much better than artificial light. Gardens look better during the summer months when the flowers are in bloom and the garden is full of colour and life. A buyer is more likely to be swayed by a lovely garden, if the house isn’t perfect in the summer months rather than the winter.

The seaside attracts many more people to the town in the summer months, with many tourists liking Bexhill so much that they decide to relocate or more often decide to purchase a second home in Bexhill whether as an investment or with the idea of moving down at a later date. Chances are they will commence their property search immediately. This is far less likely to happen in the winter months. The seaside doesn’t look quite so appealing when its raining and blowing a gale to the extent that one walk along the promenade leaves you drenched from the sea spray crashing up.

In the summer sea front properties are perceived as a sought after luxury with gorgeous views and immediate access to the beach, in the winter they are going to seem rather bleak and expensive as the damage that the salt from the sea spray causes to the exterior plays on people’s minds.

Concerns we hear from people contemplating marketing their house in the summer are that no one will be looking as it’s the summer holidays, people will be away, the kids are on holiday and so forth. All valid points, however the summer holidays are 6 weeks long, very few people will be on holiday for the duration, usually a week maximum, leaving another 5 weeks to fill. Ideal for a spot of property hunting. Parents are more likely to have to take time off work to look after the kids so have more time on their hands to property search.

The kids being at home all the time can certainly highlight the need to try and move to a larger family home. A property which seems adequate when everyone is out all day will quickly reveal it’s impracticalities when all the family are at home all day. At the other end gardens in summer can prove exhausting, and the constant battle to maintain may well prompt a downsize decision.

So if you are thinking about selling but worried that the summer is the wrong time, I would urge you to reconsider, wouldn’t it be great to secure a sale prior to entering another winter with the possibility of the boiler packing up, water leaks, the smell of damp from wet clothes which can not be dried outside, and everything else that can the winter months feel rather dreary.