Whether it’s your first home or if you a just looking for something different, moving house even if its rented accommodation can still be stressful and feel like a big upheaval. At Polecat Properties we will try and make the move as stress free as possible and will try and work to your timescales.

If the time has come for you to look for a new property to rent then this is the process that you can expect to find:

  1. Registering

Once you do decide you need to move you will probably trawl around town registering with estate agents. Although time consuming, this is what you need to do. When you come into the Polecat Properties office we will take all your details and your requirements. If we having anything which would suit you or that you like the look of we can proceed from there. However if we have nothing, we will take all your details and let you know as soon as something becomes available.

  1. Viewing

If there is a property which you like the look of we will then arrange a time that you can view the property, we will meet you at the property and answer any questions you may have.

  1. Offer

Once you have decided on a property and have put forward an offer, we will then pass that onto the landlord with your details and await his instructions on how they want to proceed. The decision is entirely theirs rather than ours, but we will let you know as soon as possible. If your offer is accepted then it is subject to contract and can still be changed at any time prior to the signing of the contracts. Once the offer has been accepted we will ask for a holding deposit calculated in line with the monthly rental amount ie. The larger the rent the higher the holding fee. Assuming the tenancy proceeds, this amount will be deducted from you first rental payment. Should you decide to not proceed with the tenancy your holding deposit will then be forfeited. However if the landlord decides not to proceed the holding deposit will be repaid to you in full.

  1. Tenancy agreement

Once all the references have been carried out and are satisfactory, we will then draw up the tenancy agreement. This needs to be signed prior to moving in. Once the tenancy agreement has been signed you have then entered into a binding contractual agreement and will not be able to change your mind, you will be committed to paying the rent until the end date on the agreement and adhering to all terms stipulated in the agreement. For this reason it is very important that you have a thorough read through of the tenancy agreement and flag up anything you are unsure about or do not understand. There may be some additional clauses added by the landlord but we will highlight those to you and ensure that you understand and agree with them. We will charge each tenant an administration fee of £60.

  1. Deposit

Prior to the start of the tenancy a deposit will be required. This is usually one month’s rent. At Polecat Properties we hold all deposits with the MyDeposits scheme. All money is held in a special client money account. We will give you some information regarding your deposit and all the information about MyDeposits. All their dispute resolution services can be found on their website mydeposits.co.uk. Prior to the start of the tenancy we will carry out a full inventory and schedule of condition of the property which we will then go through with you at check in on your moving in day.

You will need to look through this document and ensure you agree with all comments, you will then need to sign this document and then this can be referred to at the end of the tenancy. You will then be liable for any discrepancies, other than what is considered fair wear and tear, any liability will then be deducted from your deposit, provided you and the landlord are in agreement. Should there be any disagreement this will then need to be referred to MyDeposits for dispute resolution. Mydeposits will then use the inventory for their decision making purposes. Given all this it is really important that you take the inventory seriously and read it carefully.

  1. Moving in

Once all the above has been carried out we will check you into the property, give you the keys and you are free to enjoy your new home!

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